Tenders Archive

Tender Document for Partition Works Inside Hostels of NID AssamDownload07/07/2022
Corrigendum 1Download08/07/2022
Notice Inviting Quotation for running a Stationery Store inside the Premises of NID AssamDownload17/06/2022
Tender document for partition works inside offices of NID AssamDownload09/06/2022
Corrigendum 1Download01/07/2022
Notice Inviting Quotation for OAT Painting Works and Tree Trunk PlatformDownload19/05/2022
Notice Inviting Quotation for Construction of Platform with rain shed alongwith plumbing connections for Bio -Toilet near Sewage Treatment Plant-IDownload06/05/2022
Corrigendum 1Download13/05/2022
Expression of Interest for Empanelment of Vendors for supply of print books and periodicals (Print + Online) to NID AssamDownload23/02/2022
Corrigendum 1Download21/03/2022
Notice Inviting Quotation for Toilet Renovation Work Behind Academic BuildingDownload10/02/2022
Notice Inviting Quotation for Annual Maintenance Contract of Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm System Installed at National Institute of Assam, Building’sDownload09/02/2022
Corrigendum 1Download25/02/2022
Tender Document for Diesel Tank Platform, Fencing with Brick Trench and Roof Sheet over DG sets work in ESS BuildingDownload03/02/2022
Notice Inviting Quotation for Supply and Installation of Equipment for Screen Printing LabDownload17/01/2022
Corrigendum 1Download27/01/2022
Corrigendum 2Download09/02/2022
Notice Inviting Quotations for Bio-Toilet with inbuilt Bio Digester Tank Capacity and Urinal with inbuilt Bio Digester Tank CapacityDownload10/01/2022
Corrigendum 1Download02/02/2022
Tender documents for providing manpower services at National Institute of Design, AssamDownload29/11/2021
Corrigendum 1Download06/12/2021
Corrigendum 2Download08/12/2021
Notice Inviting Quotations for Street LightDownload18/11/2021
Notice Inviting Quotations for Solar LightDownload18/11/2021
Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of VRV VRF HVAC System at Workshop Building of NID, AssamDownload22/10/2021
Corrigendum 1Download27/10/2021
Corrigendum 2Download08/11/2021
Corrigendum 3Download17/11/2021
Operation & Maintenance of Electrical Substation, Internal & External Electrical InstallationsDownload27/09/2021
Corrigendum 1Download11/10/2021
Supply, fitting and fixing of M.S Grill work in Balconies of Hostels at NID AssamDownload20/09/2021
Request For Proposals for cleaning of all plumbing fitting and fixtures including underground tanks of water treatment plant and overhead tanksDownload20/09/2021
Request For Proposal (RFP) Document for ERP SolutionDownload27/08/2021
Corrigendum 1Download01/09/2021
Corrigendum 2Download16/09/2021
Corrigendum 3Download11/10/2021
Corrigendum 4Download29/10/2021
RFP Document for Selection of Executing Agency for Construction of Boundary Wall Entrance Gate And Watch TowerDownload18/08/2021
Corrigendum 1Download27/08/2021
Corrigendum 2Download17/09/2021
Tender document for Internal Auditor at National Institute of Design, AssamDownload11/08/2021
Tender Document for Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of VRV/VRF HVAC System at Workshop Building of NID, AssamDownload18/06/2021
Corrigendum 1Download22/06/2021
Corrigendum 2Download06/07/2021
Corrigendum 3Download04/08/2021
Tender Document for Glazing Works, False Ceiling Works With Automatic Sliding Door at Common Room Below Oat Including Electrical and Ac WorksDownload16/06/2021
Corrigendum 1Download22/06/2021
Corrigendum 2Download29/06/2021
Corrigendum 3Download06/07/2021
Corrigendum 4Download04/08/2021
Tender Document for Purchase, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Computer HardwareDownload29/04/2021
Notice Inviting Quotation for Supply, fitting of aluminum partition with sliding door at workshop no.2 and 3 at NID AssamDownload19/03/2021
Tender Document For Cafeteria at National Institute of Design, AssamDownload11/03/2021
Notice Inviting Quotation for Supply and Installation of Loom tables with Laminated Ply topDownload24/02/2021
Tender Document For Supply, Installation, Training and Complete Execution of RFID Technology at Library Resource Centre of National Institute of Design, AssamDownload22/02/2021
Tender Document for Mess ServicesDownload20/10/2020
Tender Document for Mess ServicesDownload28/05/2020
Tender Document for Security ServicesDownload28/05/2020
Tender Document for Housekeeping Services Download28/05/2020