Courses offered in NID Assam

Design is a creative, analytical and a holistic human centric process leading to a meaningful and desirable outcome. Design learning is a hand on minds on engagement - experiential, reflective and developing objective and subjective sensibilities. The design pedagogy at NID Assam is learner centric, explorative, experimental, inclusive, people centric, collaborative. It strives to hone each individual to be build expertise in design, inculcating a sensitive, empathetic, creative, visionary and innovative thinking approaches. The culture of education at NID Assam is rooted in the Indian ethos with a universal outlook and focuses on designers’ responsible role in the society.

NID Assam offers BDes in Textile & Apparel Design, Communication Design and Product Design


Design Studios
Design Library
Wood & Bamboo Workshops
Metal Workshop
Digital & IT Centre
Clay-Ceramic Studio
Model Making Studio
Mess & Cafe
Girls & Boys Hostels
Medical Service
Design Shop

Admission Process

The objective is to seek evidence of the perception, attitude, aptitude, achievement and motivation essential in a potential design student. All candidates applying for the GDPD Programme are required to sign up online before proceeding to fill the relevant application forms at

Key Dates:-
October/November 2019 - Online application form for the entrance exam called Design Aptitude Test (DAT)
January 2020 - DAT Prelim Exam
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